Water Troughs 5

Water Troughs

Bowers Brothers concrete have manufactured premier precast concrete water troughs for over 80 years. We offer a wide range in shapes and sizes of superiority high strength concrete components to supply the farmers throughout the Waikato.

Water Troughs
110 gal– 500 ltr1.125 diam  x 640 highup to 200 gal = 20mm socket
250 gal to 500 gal = 25mm sockets
150 gal – 682 ltr1.415 diam  x 640 high
200 gal – 910 ltr1.500 diam x 680 high
250 gal – 1140 ltr1.790 diam x 640 high
330 gal – 1500 ltr1.860 diam x 680 high
330 gal – 1500 ltrwith ballcock protector
500 gal – 2273 ltr2.410 diam x 620 high
Sheep Troughs
80 gal – 360 Ltr1.2 diam x 416 high
170 gal – 770 Ltr1.8 diam x 416 high
Rectangle Water Troughs
1300 ltr1.0 inside width  x 2.8 length x 560mm high x 480mm deep
Feed Troughs 1

Feed Troughs

Stand off pads increase production, improve animal welfare, reduce feed wastage and save paddocks in wet conditions.

Our premier precast feed troughs have an innovative false floor which raises the floor to provide easier feeding for stock. They are cast in high strength concrete for a longer and more durable life.
We offer delivery and placing throughout the North Island.

Closed Ended Feed Trough/Rectangle Water Trough
1.0 inside x 2.8m x 560mm high x 480mm deep – 1300 ltr


Open Ended Feed Trough
700mm inside x 3.0m x 650mm high x 380mm deep
1.0m inside x 3.0m x 650mm high x 380mm deep
1.2m inside x 3.0m x 650mm high x 380mm deep

Stone Traps

Our innovative designed stone traps come in two sizes to cater for all farming applications.
The heavy duty stone traps are manufactured with high strength reinforced concrete to stand the harsh condition of all sizes of tractor loader buckets.

Stone Traps size
Small – 2.25m wide x 2m length x 550mm deep
Large – 2.85m wide x 4m length x 900mm deep
Rotopress Concrete Pipes 1

Rotopress Concrete Pipes

Inside DiameterType
30″ – 750mmPlain Ends Reinforced Well Liners
30″ – 750mmPorous Well Reinforced
36″ – 914mmPlain Ends Reinforced Well Liners
36″ – 914mmPorous Well Reinforced
Storage Bunkers 1

Storage Bunkers

  • Palm Kernel Bins
  • Fertiliser Bins
  • Storage Bins

Precast walls are a fast and economical means of designing and building storage bins in precast segments that will last the test of time. The 1.6 high units are suitable for the addition of a removable roof over fertilizer and palm kernel.

Quick to install and cost efficient, you can have your bunker operational in no time at all.

Contact us to enquire about our design and construction service.

Barrier Wall Units 3

Barrier Wall Units

These interlocking units are ideal for placement on existing pads or concrete floors.

Weighing in at 3 tonne each, they make ideal walls for commercial and farming storage requirements.

It is recommended that corners are braced when used in storage situations.

Effluent Units 1

Effluent Units