Stand off pads increase production, improve animal welfare, reduce feed wastage and save paddocks in wet conditions.

Our premier precast feed troughs have an innovative false floor which raises the floor to provide easier feeding for stock. They are cast in high strength concrete for a longer and more durable life.
We offer delivery and placing throughout the North Island.



Closed Ended Feed Trough/Rectangle Water Trough
1.0 inside x 2.8m x 560mm high x 480mm deep - 1300 ltr
Open Ended Feed Trough
700mm inside x 3.0m x 650mm high x 380mm deep
1.0m inside x 3.0m x 650mm high x 380mm deep
1.2m inside x 3.0m x 650mm high x 380mm deep

Stone Traps

Our innovative designed stone traps come in two sizes to cater for all farming applications.
The heavy duty stone traps are manufactured with high strength reinforced concrete to stand the harsh condition of all sizes of tractor loader buckets.

Stone Traps size
Small - 2.25m wide x 2m length x 550mm deep
Large – 2.85m wide x 4m length x 900mm deep

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